Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My first muttering :)

Well, here it is! I have finally managed to set one of these up!

I mostly plan to chat about my stitching but as we have also moved from Australia to Dubai recently, there will be some chat about our life here too.

We arrived here in early August, just in time for the real summer heat - ugh! Our plan was to get here at least a month before school started so the kids could settle into their new surroundings, I could get the villa set up, start to find my way around and organise school uniforms etc.

The first few weeks was mainly spent furniture shopping as we didn't bring any furniture out with us. DH has great taste and he had done well with equipping the kitchen and laundry and buying beds and stuff but knew I'd want to be involved with choosing a lounge suite and dining table etc :) We also had to get curtains and blinds and crockery etc ... basically set up the place from scratch. It was fun but also frustrating as I had some idea of what I wanted but not necessarily able to find it so we had to compromise on a couple of things. Of course now, I'm finding what I had envisioned!! Never mind, whilst we have the basics covered there are still a few things like coffee tables and pictures and the like to get, which we'll add over time :)

The kids are attending an international school here about 10 minutes away and have settled in really well. When the weather starts to cool down we will be able to walk there and back some days. It's a brand new school - construction of the lower and middle schools was completed just before school started mid September. The next phase of construction is not too far away from being finished. There is lots of construction happening here and things tend to go up pretty quickly.

I will have to continue this later as I need to head off to the school to help cover books for the library. There are loads of books to cover before the library officially opens after the half term holidays in November. I love libraries and I love books so I was more than happy to answer the call for help :)

Till next time!

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