Monday, February 19, 2007

Not a happy little Vegemite!

Australian readers will understand my angst ... we ran out of Vegemite two days ago and, unusually, none of the usual places here I can get it from have it in stock!! As Captain Jack Sparrow would say - not good! After trying to sell me Promite (shudder!!) the other day, and being told very quickly that it does NOT taste the same, the head honcho at my local store has promised me he will have more Vegemite in stock "very soon, madam" :) He also probably thinks all of us Vegemite loving Australians are quite mad - lol!

I think I might get mum to send over a couple of tubes for emergencies, and DH can bring back a one kilo jar with him since he'll be in Oz next week :)

I've been stitching away on Sea of Roses as part of the HAED BB's Valentine's SAL and will try and upload a pic of my progress over the next day or two. It doesn't look like much at the moment though.

Okay, the dog is resting her head on my thigh and staring at me with those incredibly huge brown eyes of hers and I can ignore her no longer - it's walk time :)


Michelle said...

Can't wait to see your progress on Sea of Roses. I love that piece!!

Tannia said...

Oh gawd I can't think of anything worse foodwise than being in a foreign land without vegemite! I use it for so much more than toast! It's also the onely thing I crave at 'that' time you know!!!

Let me know if you want emergency stash of vegemite - be happy to send some :)