Monday, March 12, 2007

For Alison's DD (Sims 2:Seasons stuff) :)

Alison, tell your DD I'm not sure how I got my Sim to spontaneously combust :) I was playing Leod McGreggor (one of the new Sims that come with Seasons). His temp was in the red when I started playing him. I think I made him drink tomato juice too, which I have since read, warms Sims up. So does drinking hot chocolate. He also got sick with the flu so that may have had something to do with his high temp too.

Anyway, she could always make them wear their winter overcoats outside in summer - hee hee, drink tomato juice and hot chocolate and warm himself by the fire (if she has one) to see what happens. Oh, and baths and showers tend to raise their temperature too from what I've noticed. Sounds like she is having as much fun as I am playing it :)

Tannia, a couple of my son's friends think I'm a "cool mum" because I play computer and PS2 games - lol. DS does too most of the time - doesn't like it when I crank the stereo up in the truck and bop along to the music on the school run though - ROFL! I have seen Rollercoaster Tycoon and some of the other Tycoon games - haven't played them though. Will have to check them out next time DS has his guitar lesson - there's an electronics store nearby that I tend to wander around in while I'm waiting . Not good for the purse sometimes!!

I'm back to stitching today so should have some stitchy pics to show later :)


Lisa said...

Finally got Seasons and like you stitching has taken a back seat. I'm having a great time playing it and DD keeps wanting me to wish using the wishing well, she's having as much fun as I am :o)

Get together again next week?

Thanks for the sales info, appreciate it

Alison said...

Thanks Mel. DD says thanks too & she's off right now to try it! LOL.

Trish said...

I finally installed Seasons yesterday but work got in the way and I wasn't able to play. Tonight I have a SAL at my LNS, tomorrow is the book club, Thursday is EGA... so it looks like it won't be until Friday night that I get to play, but not too much 'cause Saturday is the Sampler Guild, and Sunday is the Quilt Show... AAAACK!!!!

Lana said...

I am new to the SIMS thing, and am still enjoying SIMS 1, but I am dying to get SIMS 2 university! seasons sounds like fun too!