Friday, March 09, 2007

Having fun with Seasons :)

Just a couple of replies to comments from my last post - I am having a blast with this latest Sims2 EP!

Alison and Trish, yep you really can get killed by lightning - lol. You can also spontaneously combust if you overheat (one Sim I was playing overheated while sleeping and his butt caught on fire!), and freeze if you are outside in winter too long. I haven't had that happen yet although I have read that if an adult Sim freezes you can get another adult Sim to unfreeze them with a blow dryer?! If a child Sim freezes you risk a visit from the Social Worker! You just need to keep an eye on their thermometer (a new feature with this EP).

The gardening feature is cool too ... and that is saying a lot from a non-gardening person like me :) Overall, I love Seasons - my stitching could be taking a back seat for a little while longer :) !!


Alison said...

Thanks for that Mel. DD now has the game & has managed to get the blow dryer working! LOL. But now she wants to know how you got your Sim to combust! Hers don't get hot enough. :)

Tannia said...

I really get a giggle out of reading about your gaming!

I've been playing Rollercoaster Tycoon! It's fun too!