Sunday, June 10, 2007

Summer Mystery Reading Challenge


I am and have been since I was a young child, a real bookworm. I love books and will read just about anything! My favourite types of books to read though are mystery/crime and fantasy and I enjoy discovering new authors, so it was no wonder this challenge caught my eye while reading Nicki's blog recently :) Since moving here I have found that I read a LOT during the summer months - over the four weeks we were travelling last summer I read three of Kathy Reich's Tempe Brennan series. It may not sound like a lot but when you factor in playing tourist etc I thought three books wasn't a bad achievement. We are not playing tourists this summer so I should be able to manage to read the six books required for this challenge.

Anyway, today I was scheduled to drop off DH at the physiotherapist (we are down to one vehicle at the moment, DH had a minor accident in his a couple of weeks ago and it is in being repaired), then I was going to pick up Snowflake and Girly Gothic from the framers nearby. Unfortunately, it turned out they weren't going to be ready till this evening so I had some time to fill in before heading back to the physio to collect DH. As luck would have it however there was a nicely stocked book store close by and of course I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to go in for a browse - lol! I didn't leave empty handed either (I never do!) - for the mystery challenge I picked up "Death of a Red Heroine" by Qiu Xiaolong and for fun, "The Devil Wears Prada" by Lauren Weisberger. I might have to schedule a trip to Borders sometime this week and have a browse through their Mystery section and see what else I can add to my challenge reading list :)

I haven't managed a lot of stitching so far this weekend - tomorrow is looking like a quiet day so I'm hoping to spend most of it making some progress on Verdure. I'll post my progress, however minimal it may turn out to be, tomorrow night.


Nicki said...

I just finished a Kathy Reichs too - Bare Bones :) Glad you're joining in - it's going to be interesting finding new authors.

Singular Stitches said...

I'll have to check out Kathy Reichs, I've not heard of her.

Charlaine Harris has good Southern US mysteries (I've been reading her Aurora Teagarden mystery series). They're quirky and she has a cool sense of humor she puts into her books.