Friday, June 06, 2008

Dance Awards Ceremony

It's been a long day! It was DD's dance awards ceremony today and we had to be at the theatre at 8.45am for hair and make-up to be done and get into costume for an 11am show start. I had my alarm set for 6.30am so I could walk the dog before we left but she had other ideas and woke me at 5.50am! Tikki is not allowed upstairs, knows the rule and obeys it ... except this morning!! Clearly she needed to go out in a hurry! I'm not sure she would have done it had DH been home (he's away on a business trip). Anyway, since I was up I decided to get her walk over and done with early :)

We made it to the theatre on time, found our seats and deposited DS and his book in one of them with instructions to guard the other two, while DD and I headed backstage. I pitched in to help out Miss Haley (DD's dance teacher) and a couple of other mums with getting the girls hair done. We had a serious production line going and I would hate to think how much hair gel we went through! I lost count of how many buns I did - several - but it was nothing compared to the braiding machine that was Miss Haley!

Once hair and make-up had been done it was on to the costumes.

Backstage mayhem!

Ready to hit that stage!

I headed back out to my seat about 15 minutes or so before the performance was due to start and praised DS for being so patient. I am so glad he is a major bookworm! He defended our seats very well too as quite a few people had tried to claim them. There were no tickets - you just had to ring the dance school's office to reserve however many seats you wanted and that was it. So basically the earlier you got there the better chance of good seats!

The performances were great and DD looked very cute on stage. There is only DD and another girl in her tap class and they performed to "Monster Mash". The audience really got into it by clapping along to the beat which was great :) Miss Haley made a lot of the costumes or part of them herself (she also teaches ballet and modern) and she did the most wonderful job. We will miss her when classes start up again after the summer as she has taken a teaching position at the Performing Arts School in New York.

The 'Monster Mash' tap dance style :)

We arrived back home at around 1.30pm, I made some lunch and afterwards attempted to do some stitching. I just couldn't focus so I laid down on the couch in front of the telly and promptly fell asleep for about an hour and a half - lol!

I've just taken Tikki for her evening walk and am now about to organise dinner. Then the kids and I have a date with the tv and American Chopper :)

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Nicole and Phil said...

just adorable....
we have numbers seats for our performances....first to get the money in for the tickets, get the front rows, and then they work back....saves fighting for the good seats!! LOL