Wednesday, June 11, 2008

High School Musical

The high school held a music performance tonight and since DS was playing guitar in one of the items we went naturally went along :) He was accompanied by several of his classmates on various instruments (there were three on classical guitar which is what he plays) and performed the New Zealand folk song "Pokekarekare Ana". They were fantastic!

(Apologies for the quality of the pic - DD decided she wanted to be the photographer tonight!)

I was blown away by the level of talent in this show. We were entertained by some very musically gifted kids. I just wish that some of the parents in the audience could have shown a bit more respect for these kids who had put a lot of work into getting this show ready and were putting their all into it tonight. There was one woman sitting two rows behind us who did not stop talking (and loudly too!) throughout the entire show (except maybe briefly when her child was on stage) and this was despite being told to be quiet nicely by a lady sitting in the row directly behind me! That's just plain rude! Unfortunately, the talker wasn't the only one and I felt really sorry for the kids up on stage. How can a child learn respect when his/her parent is incapable of showing any?

I guess all I can do is try to teach it to my kids the best I can :)


Sharon said...

Mel, you and the kids have been busy. Both the dance recital and the concert sound fun! And you have had new starts to boot!

Nicole and Phil said...

I just love watching the kids perform, and they get a kick out of it too!
Pity not all parents can be respectful...worth speaking to the head/music cordinator to mention the no talking/no mobiles berfore the beginning...although you would think this was something that shouldn't even need to be said....
deep sigh!!
Well done!!