Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dream of Purple

Despite the painting (which is still ongoing), I managed to make some pleasing progress during the HAED BB SAL last weekend.

A couple of SAL weekends ago I decided to start using a different coloured highlighter to mark off my chart each SAL as a gauge for my progress as well. For April I chose pink :)

I will bore you with my painting progress tomorrow :)


cathymk said...

Dream of purple is looking gorgeous Mel! Great progress!

Kim B said...

Oh my goodness - that is just a remarkable piece!

Kim said...

Dream of Purple is really coming along. I love the idea of using different highlighters for each month; I may steal that one from you ;)

I hope the paint fumes aren't too bad.

Mary said...

Dream of Purple is looking so nice. Great idea to use different highlighters each month.

Have a great stitching weekend.

tkdchick said...

Those colours are just lovely!

Sally said...

Wow love those colours Mel!

Nicole and Phil said...

looking great!
I like to use different highlighters sometimes, because then you can see how much you have done at certain stitching sessions!
hope the painting is going well!