Friday, April 25, 2008

Painting, ornaments and noisy neighbours!

I know I said last week I would bore you with my painting progress but with DH out of town again and me feeling a bit off-colour with some sort of tummy bug this week, I didn't quite get there :) I'll bore you today instead.

So far I've managed to paint both bathrooms downstairs (okay, one is really just a toilet and sink), the entrance way and hallway, and the dining room. Okay, so not much but I like to take my time, wash down the walls, tape everything up and cover up any furniture and the floor with plastic drop-sheets. I then go around and carefully do all the cutting-in with a paintbrush and then finally the roller work. My neighbour thinks it's funny - she just slaps it on and probably would have had her whole house done by now! If we were still in our old dogbox house in Australia, that probably would have been the case, but this house is considerably larger with much higher ceilings. We will have to get someone in to paint the stairwell walls (two floors high) though - they'll have the proper scaffolding to reach right up to the top. As it is I can just barely reach the top of the walls from the last (safe) step on the ladder in the lounge, guest room and bedrooms upstairs. I will roller up as far as I can reach and DH will have to do the cutting-in for me. No painting this week though - ran out of paint :) I replenished supplies on Wednesday however so I'll have no excuse next week!

Last week we handed over a rather large amount of dirhams (local currency) to have the outside of our house painted - DH had done some repairs and it was looking a bit shabby with all the patched-up areas. It looks great now though! A large number of painters turned up on Monday morning and by late Wednesday afternoon they were done!

I did get a little stitching in this week. After doing a few chores in the morning I sat down on Tuesday and finished off the stitching on my March ornament. I was stitching my version of A Colonial Christmas Ornament by Cherished Stitches from the JCS 2007 Ornament issue and only had the third panel to complete. That afternoon I finish-finished it ...

A Colonial Christmas Ornament
by Cherished Stitches
from the Just Cross Stitch 2007 Ornament Issue

Stitched on black 28 Quaker cloth with HDF "Tugtika" silk threads

I had a little trouble with the construction so it hasn't turned out quite as nice as I'd hoped. I think I will ignore the instructions and do it the way it makes sense to me if I ever stitch it again.

I've made a good start on my April ornament and all going well I should have it finished before the end of the month.

I'm off to stitch a little before bed - hopefully I can keep my eyes open! Our neighbours had a bit of party last night and were extremely loud! Our villa is in a block of four - I guess it is really a large townhouse - we are on one end, two in the middle and then another end unit. Our bedroom is upstairs at the back of the house and faces their back garden which is where the neighbours and their guests all were. Normally with the double-glazed windows and doors and the aircon running we can't hear anything from inside the house. Last night though their wooping and hollering and banging of doors was loud enough that it kept DH awake, and he usually sleeps with earplugs! Now DH had earlier only just returned from being out of town all week and was extremely tired. The last thing he needed was to be kept awake till the wee hours (I'm talking 2-3am here!) with inconsiderate neighbours. Thank goodness it is our weekend and he was able to sleep in this morning! He got the drill out after he got up though and proceeded to put up some picture hooks on the shared wall, hoping to get his own back - lol! You don't want to mess with DH when he's not had enough sleep!

Unfortunately, it sounds as though they are having another party tonight :( I think there will be a call placed to security if they're still carrying on after midnight! Our good friends live in the other middle unit next to them - I've suggested we coordinate our efforts and starting drilling from both sides 7am tomorrow morning ... mwuahahaha!


Kim B said...

Sounds like you're doing a quality paint job! Your ornament looks beautiful. And I think if you've got things to hang at 7 in the morning why not?! :)

Melissa33 said...

Love the house! The ornament looks great. I'm also a big fan of The Sims 2. Have you heard they plan on coming out with a Sims 3?

Mary said...

Lovely ornie! Sounds like you are doing a lot of painting. I think I am the world's slowest painter... I'll have to agree with Kim. 7 a.m. isn't too early to get started with all those projects!!

Sharon said...

Mel, your house looks great and I love your ornament. Very pretty finish!

Einschies blog said...

What a wonderful blog you have...great stitchings and the colors are sooo warm;-))I love them;-)
And I love your christmas ornies, well I also have all issues of the JCS christmas magazines but I seldom stitch something, I should change that:-)