Thursday, April 10, 2008

No, you're not going mad :)

If you come across some posts that weren't there before it is just that I have finally managed to find some time to go through my drafts folder to add pics, edit where necessary and finally publish them!!

The kids are on Spring Break this week but go back to school on Sunday. DH and I plan to begin painting the inside of the house this weekend starting with the downstairs tomorrow. I need to start washing down walls this afternoon so DH can fill in some cracks and do some other minor repairs. Thankfully, I like painting as I can see I'll be doing the bulk of it during the week when everyone is at school and work :) We are getting quotes for the outside to be done too. Hopefully they'll be quick in getting that back to us as we would like to get it done before it starts getting too hot! I'm sure the guys doing the actual painting would appreciate that too :) I will stock up the drinks fridge as soon as I know when they are coming so there will be plenty of ice cold drinks on hand for them.

I have stitching pics to share as soon as I've uploaded them from the camera so stay tuned :)


Doris said...

enjoy he srping break :D
and good luck with the painting ;)

Kim B said...

I would love it if you would come over and paint for us when we are ready. I hate painting! Have fun!!

Barbara said...

Love those Easter pics!