Friday, May 02, 2008

Calling in the cavalry!

Yep, DH wants me to call the guys that painted the outside of our house last week and get them to finish off the inside.

I think I mentioned before that the walls are quite high in the rooms that are left to paint and I can just barely reach the top. DH is going to be away for work quite a bit over the next coming weeks so I guess the last thing he wants to be doing when he is home is climbing up and down a ladder finishing off the painting.

I probably also shouldn't have told him about the little tumble off the ladder I had when I was painting the hallway either?! It wasn't serious - a couple of bruised knees and an elbow. I just stepped back off the ladder when I thought I was on the last step when in actual fact I was on the step above it - oops :)

Anyway, I've requested a quote and should have that in the next day or two.

Oh, and I finished the stitching on my May ornament tonight too. Will post a pic when I've finish-finished it :)

I'm off to make a start on my biscornu for the Monthly Finishing Challenge.

Enjoy your weekend!


Kim B said...

Glad to hear your fall wasn't as bad as it could have been :)

staci said...

Hope that you aren't too badly injured!

At least with someone else doing the painting, you'll have more time for stitching, LOL!!!