Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wow, thank you ...

for all the lovely comments about my latest ornament finish - I really appreciate them :) It was nice to see quite a few new visitors too - welcome and thank you for visiting my blog.

I have been remiss in posting lately (actually can't believe it has been quite as long as it has!) - things have been a little busy around here of late.

The painters turned up on Mother's Day (11 May) to finish off the interior paintwork. They did a great job and I'm very happy with the results, and only in two days - very impressive! It took me longer than that to put everything back in place! DD's room however I had to re-arrange differently. It actually looks better and has opened up her room and given her more space so it was worth doing :)

DH has been away for a week, back for a weekend, away again for ten days, back for a week, away again and there is at least one more trip in the works after this current one. He was also ill with a bad cold for the week that he was back so was working from home for a couple of days as well.

This weekend has been DS's turn to come down ill with a sore throat and bad ear ache. I kept him home from school today and took him to the doctor - he's now on antibiotics plus ear drops and I have to take him back to the doctor in a couple of days to check on the ears. There's a flu bug and a nasty tummy bug (one of DS's friends is currently off school with that) going around at the moment although I think the trip we had to Dreamland (water park) a week and a half ago may have had something to do with DS's current ailment. I think he's also trying to wangle another day off school tomorrow as he wss complaining that his throat was hurting before he went to bed which was the first time he'd complained all day! I'll see what he's like in the morning - he has exams coming up next week so I don't want him to miss too much school and revision work.

DD is preparing for her tap dance exam and dance award ceremony so we've had extra lessons and costume fittings etc. The exam is this week and the ceremony is the following week - busy times :) After the summer looks to be even busier as she wants to start up ballet again and maybe modern or Irish dance plus tap! Our girl does love to dance :) I think I'm going to have to limit her to tap and one other mode of dance though otherwise she'll just be overdoing it. Did I mention the piano and tennis lessons that are squeezed in there somewhere as well?

I have been stitching and I do have some pics to share - I just need to take a couple more and then upload them. It is quite late at night right now and therefore not great conditions for taking pics of needlework. Tomorrow!

Thank you again!


Sharon said...

Hi Mel,

You have bee busy! I hope all the illness is gone soon. Your ornament is beautiful!

Karin said...

Your recent finishes are gorgeous! Congrats.

Carol R said...

Nice blog!
Great stitching and finishing.
I will visit again

staci said...

Family life is crazy and wonderful at the same time isn't it?! Now that my kiddos are out of school for the summer, I'm hoping things will slow down a little~~if not, at least we won't have homework ;)

Lana said...

Your ornaments are lovely! I can sympathise with your son as I too have the yucky earache, sore throat cough thing too. I'm at the tail end you know? the part that you just have a dry cough FOREVER?! I wish it would just go away! Good luck to your daughter also!

Bliss said...

Oh my! It sounds like you have had your hands full with family life. Oh how well I remember the days when one member of the family would get sick & the others would go down like the domino effect.

Tap dancing exam week was another story again. I had 4 enthusiastic dancers during the 1990s. What with sport, dance & music, I lived the after school hours (& many before school ones, come to think of it) in the car. I believe that the term these days is being a 'helicopter mum'. Those were the days.

I hope life is settling & that everyone is well again, the exam passed & that there is time for stitching before the Summer break.