Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finally, it is done!

I put the last stitch in my Vierlanden Susanne Sampler just after midnight last night - yay! No pic yet as she is having a bath, then I will iron it dry and take a pic and upload later.

I had hoped to have this finished on Monday but the courier did in fact turn up first thing that morning so I was able to take the kids school uniform shopping as planned. They were ecstatic!

The uniform shop is unfortunately no where near the school, the traffic is awful consisting mostly of lots of very large trucks (lorries), and the sign-posting is non-existent or easily hidden behind long lines of said very large trucks! I am glad that I found some directions online and printed them off before we set off. Anyway, we made it and I spent a fortune (DS and DD have grown a LOT this past school year so I had to get everything!) on kitting the kids out. Unfortunately, DS and I will have to go back later in August as they didn't have his size trousers in stock *sigh*. At least I know where to go now, and hopefully won't miss the turn (like I did on Monday because I couldn't see the sign!) on the way back that turned a 25 minute trip into a 45 minute + trip!!

Tuesday morning, in between loads of laundry, I started sorting out the study - filing away papers and getting a pile ready for shredding. Tuesday afternoon DS had his classical guitar lesson so DD and I wandered around the shops for an hour planning to buy a paper shredder (unsuccessful) while waiting for him.

Wednesday morning was spent in the truck running a couple of errands, and then Wednesday afternoon I made a start on my scissor pocket which is this month's theme for the Monthly Finishing Challenge blog.

Thursday morning I was up early to walk the dog before it got too hot. The kids were still asleep when I got back so I went around tidying up before my cleaning lady came in. Mid morning I was down at my friend's sorting out a maintenance problem (they were away and their maid came to me for help - we use the same maintenance company). Got that sorted, fed the kids some lunch then we headed off to the cinema to see "Get Smart". So funny - I had a giggling fit after one scene and I still have a bit of a chuckle when I think of it now. We will definitely be adding that to the home movie collection when it comes out on DVD :)

After the movie we headed down to the food court for some dinner following which DS had an electric guitar lesson (the music school is in the same shopping centre as the cinema). While we were waiting, DD and I headed down to the hypermarket in my quest for a paper shredder (mission successful).

Around 7.30pm it was time to head home, feed the dog and take her for her evening walk, make myself a cup of tea and settle in my stitching chair in front of the tv. I stitched on Carnation Quaker while watching American Chopper and the return of Bones (Season 3).

I'd better go and check on the bathing beauty - be back soon with a pic.

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Kim B said...

I may have to see "Get Smart" :)