Friday, October 24, 2008

A finish and a few starts :)

Happy Haunting by Lizzie*Kate

Happy Haunting by Lizzie*Kate

I finished this around 11.30pm on Wednesday night - tried to post yesterday but Blogger wouldn't let me for some reason.

I stitched this up on a 30 count hand-dyed linen remnant I came across in my fabric stash with DMC threads. I can't find the tag now but I think the linen colour is called "Iced Cappucino" - no idea on the company though.

I am thinking of making my first flatfold with this finish for the Monthly Finishing Challenge. I'm limited with backing fabric choice but I thought the one in the pic might work - what do you think?

After the Lizzie*Kate finish I started another Halloween design - Just Nan's Ghoulies & Ghosties. Should have gone to bed but it wasn't yet midnight and I had everything ready to go. Managed a few stitches before nodding off :)

Just Nan's Ghoulies & Ghosties

I stitched some more on it this morning. This is my progress so far :) I'm using CountryStitch's 28 count "Cappucino" lugana and DMC threads for this one. Mmmm, seems to be a bit of a theme happening with my fabric choices there - lol!

I've put the JN aside for now though as I need to make a start on an exchange piece plus my October ornament and I also want to get a BCA piece finished before the end of October!

Exchange start :)My start on my Christmas ornament for October

Breast Cancer Awareness Biscornu freebie from Romy in Austria

The BCA piece is a free design from Romy in Austria's blog. I'm afraid the camera flash has washed out the colours but the lighter pink is Dinky Dyes "Linda's Roses" (Limited Edition silk) and the darker pink is HDF's Rose Quartz 1369. The fabric is black 28 count Monaco.

I sat stitching at my dining table yesterday as the natural light coming in through the windows was wonderful and I could spread out more than I can in my usual stitching spot in the lounge. There is stuff everywhere although not as bad as my finishing frenzy day :) I really need my own stitching room!

Now on to something totally unrelated to stitching. DH and I don't go out a lot but last night we were to meet some friends/work colleagues of DH's for dinner. Octoberfest is on - one of our friends was particularly excited by this fact so thought it would be the perfect excuse for a night out :) Thursday night is the beginning of our weekend here. Our dinner reservation was for 7.30pm, the hotel is a 10 minute drive from our place, maybe 15. We left home at 7pm - you can see where this is going can't you? At 7.02pm we hit a massive queue of traffic - all of which appeared to be going in the same direction we were. It took us AN HOUR to get to the hotel! At 8pm we finally pull up to the front entrance of the hotel only to be told that valet parking is full (despite us having a reservation)!! We would have to backtrack to the public carpark, park there and walk back to the hotel. It would probably have taken us 25 mins in traffic to get back to the carpark (road system all one way in that area), then a 10-15 minute walk back to the hotel ... in high heels. Uh no, I don't think so! So we gave up, called our friends and apologised but we're going home! It took us less than 5 mins to get back home!

DH rang another couple that were supposed to be going and found out they were about 15 mins in the queue of traffic behind us - warned them there was no valet parking at the hotel and to park in the public carpark which they hadn't got to yet.

I've since heard there were apparently 600 people there - nobody would have heard what anyone was saying anyway!!!

Right, I'm off to clear off the dining table so we can have some lunch :)


Sally said...

Cute Halloween finish Mel! Can't wait to see it finished up.

Love your WIPs too. The BCA piece looks so pretty. I've got this one printed out.

Jose said...

What lovely work

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Finish! It will look super with that fabby!

Anonymous said...

Love the Happy Haunting. Could the fabric be an R&R?

Also loved seeing pics of your finishing frenzy. Which reminds me...I must do something similar pretty soon. My stitched but not 'finished' ornies pile is getting out of control!

Oh, not sure if you know my new blog addy? It's now at

Juls said...

Love your Halloween finish! Lovely stitching....can't wait to see more !!!!!

Sharon said...

I have always liked this LK design! Looks great-Congrats.