Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Finishing Frenzy!

Despite waking with a headache this morning and its constant presence throughout the day, I still pulled out the sewing machine and my precious stash of finishing items, and went crazy :). So much so that I'm almost out of polyfill!

Pics will have to wait until tomorrow though (sorry!) - it is well after midnight and I need sleep!

My dining room looks a mess and the dog has gone into hiding (under my desk in the study) but it has been a good productive day :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Bliss said...

Finishes? Weeeee! Great going. I look forward to the pictures. I love that ornament you did for september. It's gorgeous.

Bliss said...

Opps! I pressed 'send' before I meant to. I laughed about the dog in hiding. It brought back memories of my husband rounding up the kids and taking them to the park at the sight of the sewing machine coming out to work. He was always terrified I was going to teach them some new pirate kind of vocab. LOL

I'm sure the cat would have gone too, if she only could have.

Michele said...

woo hoo! can't wait to see your finishes all finished up!

poor pooch lol

Gladys Creativa said...

You have a beautiful blog! congrats!