Friday, March 03, 2006

Another Fire update :)

Wednesday night I continued working on Fire mostly filling in some of the empty holes and working on the outline of her hair. I'm pleased with how she is coming along. I'm hoping to have a quiet afternoon in front of the telly and stitch on her some more :) Hopefully something good will be on as I've finished the Firefly series. It's a real shame that the tv networks didn't keep it on as there were so many more avenues to be explored. I think I may need to go and hound Virgin tomorrow to find out when the Serenity DVD is going to be released here! It was on in the cinemas here last year so logic dictates that it should come out on DVD here soon too. The other option is to order it from EzyDVD back in Oz and get it shipped to my in-laws so they can bring it with them when they come out in April :)

I planned to start The Drawn Thread's An Open Heart yesterday so I could join Carol in SAL but discovered that the fabric I'd chosen from my stash wasn't going to be big enough! I rummaged a bit more through my fabric collection (took me a while - lol!) with no luck so I have had to go online fabric shopping!! Shame, and I'd been so good with my lack of online shopping lately too - lol! Anyway, Stitching Bits & Bobs have a sale on at the moment so I ordered a piece of 34 count "Cafe Au Lait" Legacy Linen which is what the design calls for :) This is my first time ordering with Stitching Bits & Bobs but I have heard good things about them so I'm sure I will have my order soon! Until that arrives I shall continue working on Fire ... perhaps !

Whilst I was rummaging through my stash I came across a couple of Long Dog Sampler charts that I'd ordered a while back - Rosemarkie and St Georges. I think I'm going to have to start one of these this year which will probably involve more "online research" into threads and fabric - lol! I've not stitched with them before but I've been looking at Victoria Clayton silks and am quite partial to Fire Dragon for St Georges and Plumage for Rosemarkie ... decisions, decisions!

Last night we went to Global Village with some friends. It is a huge entertainment area with pavilions showcasing wares from different countries, food courts, and rides and sideshow alley for kids of all ages :) It is somewhere I've been meaning to go and have a look at for ages but it just never happened! Global Village is only open from the end of October through to March each year so last night probably wasn't the best night to go! It is extremely popular and last night it was VERY busy! The traffic getting there was horrendous (even more than usual!!) although parking wasn't too bad when we eventually arrived. That was only because we were prepared to walk a little ways to the main entrance though, I think :)

Between us we had five children (one of Caitlin's friends came along as well) - as soon as we walked in the gate and saw how busy it was, they all had our mobile phone numbers written on their arms and a meeting spot to go to in case they got separated from us! It was a good night but I think next year we will make a point of going earlier in the season and perhaps without the children so we can have a good wander around the pavilions.

The kids managed to have a few rides and consume some fairy floss so they were happy although tired by the time we got back to our cars. Then came the fun bit of getting back home! As it is in getting to most places in Dubai you are required to travel a bit in the opposite direction in order to get to the direction you want! I was glad Ken was driving last night as we could see the huge build up of traffic in the direction we wanted to go, and as it was already quite late, he decided to go a different route. Longer but less traffic and we probably made it home half an hour or so before our friends who would have went the other way!!

Well, it looks like I'm not going to get that quiet afternoon stitching after all as the dog is scratching at the back door which means she wants to go for a walk! Guess I'd better go and get my exercise for the day :)


Carol said...

Mel - if your DVD player plays all-region DVDs, I can get you Serenity DVD :-) I have PayPal!!

OK... once you are all set with An Open Heart, let me know - I can get back to it then - Karen already finished hers, but I bet you saw that on her blog - I could use someone to motivate me again on this one!

AnneS said...

Have to admit, I think SB&B is great when their sales are on - and on the whole their service is great ... only problem is if they have to order things in it can take ages for your order to arrive. Fire is looking stunning!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel! Crikey - you have been busy since you got back! Wonder where my time has gone then????

The Guild exhibition is on at the moment along with the Festival and the Fringe so there is plenty to do here at the moment! The exhibition is not too bad - with a theme of Embellished Waters there is lots of blue and green. One in particular is the Emerald Mermaid on a lovely purplish blue fabric - of course the comment from the Artisitc Director (I heard) was that it was neither green nor blue so where was it going to be hung!!!! :)

I'm currently working on the Stars of the Millenium canvaswork piece and should have that finished soon! Should frame up some of the hundreds of finished pieces! That'd be nice!

I should also get one of these blogs started!

Got busy last night and worked out a timetable so that I could get more things done but decided I'm just doing too much anyway!

Trust all is going well there! Must say your heading of "Another Fire Update" was a bit concerning!!:)

Catch you later,

Keryn in Oz

Nicole and Phil said...

This is looking really good Mel! That Ferris Wheel looks great! And I am glad I am not the only mother who writes mmobile numbers on children's arms!!!