Thursday, March 23, 2006

I've been bad :)

Well, not as bad as I can be, but bad nonetheless - hee hee!

I started another project! I'm not quite sure how it happened as I was happy stitching along on Fire but it must have been the lure of the sparkley fabric, because next thing I knew I had started Small Things!! I started in the top left corner and have almost finished a wing tip. I will try and upload a pic later today.

I am also very tempted to start Sea of Roses as well - I can see the fabric I have chosen for it staring at me right now and it is making it difficult - lol! Perhaps I should put it out of sight for a while?!!

I survived shoe shopping for the kids last Friday - lol! We found something for Liam at the second store we tried but Caitlin took a bit longer because apparently it is off school shoe season here now and there wasn't much of a range. Oh, and then when we did find something she liked they didn't have her size *sigh*! Anyway, I think we hit pay dirt around the fourth or fifth store we went into so now all is well!

Caitlin has a friend coming over this afternoon and I'm taking them down to the pool. I'd better go and see which project I should take with me ... it's not as if I don't have a wide selection to choose from - lol!!

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Heather said...

LOL Mel, you should hide the fabric away ;)

Oh wouldn't I just love a dip in the pool right now, it might take some of the stress away.

Well I should be off tidying the house, it won't clear itself and my parents won't be too pleased if they turn up to see the mess their prescious little Grandaughter has made (or maybe I should just leave it - evil grin)