Sunday, March 26, 2006

Not quite the day I was planning on having!!

So much for having a peaceful day at home stitching away - ha!

Spent longer than usual chatting to another mum at school this morning which meant I didn't get home till 9am instead of 8am!! On arrival home Ken decides that my truck should go in for its 10,000 kms service (it's actually overdue). Fine but that means I have to follow him in his car and then drop him off at work. No problems.

Got home to be greeted by a maniac dog who was making it pretty clear that she hadn't been for her usual morning walk so I grab the lead and my iPod and off we go.

By the time we get back it is after 11am and I am starving as I hadn't had any breakfast! Decided to have an early lunch while in front of the computer catching up with emails, blogs, BBs etc.

Spent too much time on the computer and it had gone 12 noon when I remembered that my maid was coming in this afternoon and I hadn't finished sorting the laundry I'd done yesterday. Folded and put away what needed to be and then put the rest in the ironing basket. Then went around the house picking up and putting things away and generally tidying up. I'd pretty much given up the idea of getting any stitching done and it was almost time to go and collect the kids from school anyway!

Oh well, I should get some stitching time in tonight and since there's nothing on telly I may even get to watch Serenity!!

I did stitch last night but only on Shimmer - not much to show for my efforts though. I just couldn't get comfortable! That may have been because I was using my 11 inch Q-snaps instead of my smaller 8 inch ones. I'll switch them out tonight as I will more than likely end up stitching on her again, and see how I go about making more progress. I'll post an updated pic next time.

There was an upside to spending more time on the computer than I should have today. Made some minor improvements to my sidebar like adding links to the images I've added etc, and they actually work - lol! I have also updated my works in progress pics too :)

One last thing before I go - a big thank you to all of you who leave comments :) I really appreciate them!

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