Thursday, March 09, 2006

A stitchy Fire update and a new start!

It seems I caused Keryn a bit of concern with my last post title - lol! So sorry, Keryn, and thanks for dropping by!

Speaking of Fire, here's my latest progress pic. I have been working on her pretty much all week and am really pleased with how she is coming along. Fire will be getting relegated back to once a week now as I started a new project very late on Tuesday night!

Heaven & Earth released Shimmer a couple of days ago. I love this piece and I am a big fan of Selina's artwork - check out her site if you get the chance.

Needless to say, I snapped this chart up in an instant and had it printed off in a matter of minutes after receiving it in my inbox - lol! Threads and fabric were chosen, the first page outline gridded and the initial stitches were made at around 11pm on Tuesday.

It is not much but this is my progress so far. I've chosen to stitch it on Morning Mist 28 count lugana from Country Stitch. It is from their Kiwi Sparkles range. Most of the fabric will be covered so you won't see much of the underlying sparkle from the fabric but my plan is to frame it with just a peep of the fabric showing between the stitching and the mat. Of course, it is a long way off from being framed - lol!

That's about all from me this afternoon. I'm off upstairs to put in a few more stitches before Ken gets home from the office :)

A bit of fun before I go - lol!

What Your Underwear Says About You

Your underwear is probably really, really old.

You're comfortable in your own skin - and don't care to impress anyone.

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