Saturday, April 22, 2006

More on Robbie and some pics :)

I'm very tired today but honestly last night's show was excellent! He was funny, chatty, entertaining and in his words "did good singing" :) We had good seats - I was glad we were up in the stand and not down in the standing areas. I am quite small so I could just imagine being stuck under someone's smelly armpit for the night and not able to see a thing -lol! Being in the stand was well worth the extra dirhams :) Okay, so you don't get the chance of getting up close to the performer but heck I'm too old for that kind of thing nowadays and there were plenty of younger and more nubile ladies to catch his eye - lol!

No pics of Robbie unfortunately as we weren't allowed to take cameras in ... not that they did a good job of stopping that though. One woman in front of us was videotaping the whole concert. Personally I'd rather watch and get into the groove than be bothered trying to get it all on film :P Each to their own I suppose :)

Anyway, this is a pic of the small WIP I started the other night ...

Love Tree Ornament by M Designs - Stitched on 'Pink Diamonds' 28ct Cashel Kiwi Sparkles from Country Stitch with 'Strawberry Mousse' Limited Edition silk by Dinky Dyes.

It's an enjoyable stitch but it is tempting me to start one of my Long Dog samplers!! I have Rosemarkie and St Georges pushing their way up my "to do" queue!! Thankfully, I don't have enough of any one of my silks otherwise I would have started one of them by now!! Instead I ordered Dinky Dyes' 'The Dreaming' and an assortment of DD silks from Karen to stitch it ... it won't take as long as one of the Long Dog designs - lol! It also gives me time to ponder what threads to use when I do get around to stitching one of them ;)

Okay, more pictures ...

Shimmer (Selina Fenech/Heaven & Earth Designs) - Progress as at 20 April 2006

Fire (Sara Butcher/Heaven & Earth Designs) - Progress as at 21 April 2006

I decided to move down on to the third page and make a start on her face :)

Back to Robbie - just took a couple of pics of my wrist band from last night with pics from this morning's paper :) So you get Robbie pics after all - lol!

These are both courtesy of the Emirates Today newspaper ...

He was boiling in that jacket but he never took it off ... except to change into a very unflattering track suit for the last two songs :)

Enjoy the eye candy - I'm off to stitch!


Jenn said...

Sounds like you had a great time at the show and the photos from the concert look great.

Your WIP's are all coming along nicely.

Carol said...

Glad you enjoyed the concert! Must admit, I do not know who Robbie is.... must fix that!! Not to worry, I have not totally ditched AOH, just not loving it right now - so go ahead, catch up a bit... I am on the band with the drawn thread... and then I will rejoin you :-)

Heather said...

Your stitching looks lovely Mel and the Robbie concert looks great. I never liked him in Take That (but then I couldn't stand Take That, full stop) and only started to like him after Angel. So glad he's not rejoining the band though.l

clairelk said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with Robbie!

Love your stitching. I have the M Designs trees to stitch, but don't done Love yet - like your choice of thread. As for QS Fire, also stitching this one and love the colours of the threads.