Friday, September 15, 2006

He's back!

Yep, that pesky little frog paid me another visit yesterday! Thankfully I caught the mistake early and there weren't too many stitches to be ripped out :) I'm on a CSI thing at the moment and after watching CSI:Miami on TVLand and then catching a rerun of a Season 4 episode on America Plus I decided to pop one of my Season 1 DVDs in the player! No wonder the frog paid me another visit - I would have been distracted more than usual :)

Friday is a lazy day in our house - it's the first day of our weekend so we usually chill in front of the telly or potter around doing odd bits and pieces. Today I plan to continue working on GG's bodice and watch a movie or two, and maybe update the songs on my iPod so I've got something new to listen to when I walk the dog each morning :) Oh, and no doubt there will be some minor household chores thrown in like laundry and mealtimes.

No photos of my stitching progress so I'll leave you with this one instead.

Image hosted by
by mel_w

Argh! I really do NOT like Blogger photos!!

We don't get much rain here but we do get dust storms! This is the state of my truck a couple of hours after it had been washed! See all the dust on the windscreen? Ah well, such is life here :)

Hopefully I'll be back later with an updated pic of GG!

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Leonie said...

Looks like Blogger will let me leave comments-woohoo!! Sounds like a nice day- hope you don't have any more frog visits.......