Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Small Things

I give up on Blogger Photos!

Image hosted by Webshots.com
by mel_w

Image hosted by Webshots.com
by mel_w

Didn't really do a lot - just couldn't get into it.

Girly Gothic will be back in the frame tonight :) Need to make up for lost time!

I finally got to meet Lisa yesterday too!! We didn't do any stitching but had a nice time chatting away :) Next time we'll try to put some stitches in - lol!


Heather said...

It looks amazing Mel, I think you did an awful lot more stitches than I did. I only got in around 500.

Leonie said...

Could it be that you have become a one-at-a-time stitcher?? lol

Von said...

You made good progress, Mel! Keep at it. :D

cathymk said...

Nice one, Mel!