Saturday, September 02, 2006

September Goal

To finish Girly Gothic QS :) Haven't had a great track record in the past with keeping to goals so this should be interesting - lol!

HAED are having a Labor Day Sale (thanks, Anon!) which will be a temptation to purchase and start something new and of course put my September goal in jeopardy! I haven't purchased anything yet as I like to wait until the last day to make sure I catch all the new releases :) No doubt there will be something!

Thank you for commiserating with me about my lamp :) A big thank you also to Heather for offering to get me some replacement bulbs - I'm okay for now though. I have two on their way from the wonderful people at Sew & So so hopefully they should get here in the next week (but the way the mail has been going lately it will more likely be closer to two!). I have a back-up portable Ott-Lite and I am managing with that in the interim. As Anne has suggested I will just have to stitch more during the day :)

Two more sleeps and then it is back to school for the kids. I will be spending some time tomorrow making sure everything is labelled, especially the new stuff, and making sure their bags are all packed and ready to go for Monday morning. Shouldn't take too long. Then I will also at some point during the day need to set to and re-arrange the upstairs activity area. We have a new couch being delivered Monday AM and we've decided to change the current layout around.

Looks like I've got a couple of busy days lined up :)


Carol said...

My fingers are crossed that you will have an HAED finish this month :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to finish Magic Witch this month too--so I'll be cheering you on. You can do it!!
It's Kim by the way--it wouldn't let me post it under my name?

Lisa said...

Gothic Girl is looking great.

Sorry about your light bulbs. You can get the energy saving daylight bulbs by Phillips here, that's what I use.

Anne L said...

I have given in and bought a HAED design in the sale, Secret Garden 3. I love it. Guess I will have to go on the HAED site on Tuesday to see any new releases, thanks for the tip.Good luck with your September goals. Happy Stitching

Mel in Dubai said...

Kim, I'm not what's up with the comments bit - I've been having trouble too. I think it's a Beta Blogger thin, apparently I can't leave comments on a non-beta blog at the moment. Good luck with Magic Witch!

Lisa, thanks for the tip about the Phillips globes. Never thought to check with you - one day I will get my impatience in check!!

Anne, enjoy Secret Garden 3 - it's a lovely design. Oh, and welcome to the addiction that is HAED - lol!