Thursday, August 31, 2006

Darn it!!

I was just about to settle down to stitch for the evening when the bulb on my new daylight lamp blew *sigh*! I know these things happen but in less than a week? Maybe I overworked it a bit - lol?! The only problem with these lamps not being available in this country (as far as I know) is that I have to order replacement bulbs from the UK and then wait rather impatiently for the parcel to arrive (safely I hope!!). I've gone and ordered two bulbs so that I will always have a replacement if this happens again (which I'm sure it will, hopefully not so quickly though!). I'm kicking myself now that I also didn't order a replacement bulb with my original order! Thought about it but didn't act upon it - didn't think I would need it for a while. Ahhh well - life is never dull :)

Anyway, thank you all for your wonderful comments on GG - she is a great stitch :)

Hello Anne (waving madly) - nice to have you here :)

Amy, me, organised? I have spurts but they don't usually last long - lol! I must admit that I don't do any major housework around here - I have a lovely part-time maid that comes twice a week to clean for me. I resisted for quite some time at getting a maid but in the end I compromised hence part-time. I just tidy, cook, do the laundry and ferry the kids around :)

I didn't end up stitching this afternoon after all. The kids were invited to the movies this afternoon by their friends so I took the opportunity of being child-free to hit the shops :) Firstly I collected Liam's school pants then headed to the Mall to pick up school supplies (oh, and wasn't that fun!!). I also rang DH to see if he was finishing work early like he normally does on a Thursday and if so could he meet me at the furniture store there as well. He was and he could :) I had already been browsing and had my eye on a couple of items so by the time he arrived all I had to do was show him and see what he though. He liked so then it was just a matter of payment and organising delivery, very quick and painless - his kind of shopping :) We then went and had a late lunch, he headed home and I picked up a few last minute things and then headed home myself.

The kids got home not long afterwards - they'd had a great time - saw Monster House which they all said was good. Caitlin's friend wanted her to sleep over so she said hello, grabbed her things and headed out again :)

Well, I'm think I'm going to attempt some stitching!


Heather said...

WOW What a coincidence, I was reading a blog yesterday and that lady had only had her daylight lamp a week and hers had blown too.

I have a halogen lamp and I have replaced the bulb once in the 11 years I've had it, so I have to say that I reckon I'm pretty lucky.

I can always get you the bulbs easily enough if you need any, my local shop has them and the garden centre shop has them piled high. Don't have your address yet though.

Anne L said...

What the!!!! How dare your bulb blow so soon. I guess you will just have to sew by daylight for a while. I to have resisted having a maid, but my place is only small and it does not take long to clean. Others have live ins, not my style.Waiting for piccie on new furniture. Happy Stitching

Anonymous said...

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Von said...

Hi Mel! Rotten luck with that Daylight bulb blowing! You really should have had several years of stitching before it went out. Hope the replacements arrive soon. :D

Leonie said...

Well, that just sucks, big time!! Your next one will last for years, just to annoy you......