Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Kodak moment (although in our case, Sony) :)

After reading Kim's blog about her family's quest to take the perfect family photo, I thought I'd share this one taken on our recent trip.

It was taken whilst we were waiting in line to go on the Pirates of Caribbean ride at Disneyland. My beautiful son can talk his way out of a wet paperbag with a mouthful of pebbles while underwater - lol!!! Most of the time he is entertaining to listen too - other times, just annoying - lol! Ken clicked the shutter at one of those moments - rofl!!

Getting a decent family photo is not an easy task :)


Concetta said...

You have adorable kids. :) I've really enjoyed reading about your travels. And Celtic Christmas is gorgeous!! I'm looking forward to seeing more progress on your HAED projects.

Kim said...

Isn't it funny how some photos just capture a "real" family moment though--those are the things that you'll really remember. The family picture I posted from last year(with the dog running though it)is one of my favorites because that was the reality of our week together.

So did you like the new version of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride? We are trying to plan a trip to Disney World next summer. We haven't been to Disney World since before we had kids!

I loved your vacation posts--that was really a whirlwind trip around the world!

Carol said...

Awesome photo - LOL!!!!!!!!!!

~Harsha~ said...

love that photo!

Leonie said...

Gotta love a candid family shot! lol Will get back to you about a SAL-I need to start a Long Dog too-wanna do Paradigm Lost? LOL