Thursday, August 17, 2006

HAED Stitchathon ... I see hair!!

That dark curved bit on the left hand side is hair (believe it or not) and there's also part of a wing happening too.

I am halfway through Day 4 of the contest and this is my progress on Girly Gothic QS so far. I still have a few more hours of stitching after dinner before I tally up today's total stitch count though :)

I'm off to stitch some more - lol!


Von said...

Go to it, Mel! Can't wait to see it unfold. :D

zoeandcooper said...

Go are making great progress:)

cathymk said...

Looking fantastic!! Girly gothic is very cool.

Anonymous said...

What fabric and count do you use and what thread?

Looks great. Thinking about having a go with one of the HAED designs. How easy are they?

Leonie said...

She's looking fabulous!! Can you hear me cheering you? lol