Friday, August 25, 2006

Wow, thanks ...

for all the nice comments you have all left - you are all so sweet :)! I'm just sorry I've taken a few days to acknowledge them (bad Mel!).

Re Quick Stitches - they are a smaller section (usually) of a larger design. My QS Girly Gothic's finished size will be 6 x 6-1/2 inches using 25 count fabric whereas the full size is 16 x 21 in. My QS Snowflake QS will be 4 x 5 inches and my Fire ACEO will be 6 x 8-3/8 in. Actually Fire will be smaller than that as I'm stitching it on 28 count. Depending on what fabric you use the finished size could be smaller or larger.

I've still been stitching away on Girly Gothic although not as frequently or as long as last week during the contest :) I played Sims2 rather than stitch for a couple of days this week so that has slowed progress. I did spend a bit of time on her yesterday and today (being our weekend) though - lots of detail stitches so it doesn't look like I've done much (to me anyway)! I consider myself a slow stitcher because I spend more time looking at the chart then back to the stitched piece then back to the chart trying to decide which colour to do next - lol! This is why I need to stick to one column at a time!! I will take a pic after tonight's stitching session and upload tomorrow.

Not much longer and the kids will be back at school! We did the uniform thing this week and other than a couple of things that need to be altered they are all set for this year clothing and shoe wise. We will go to the Mall one day next week and pick up the basic stationery supplies and a new school bag for DS while all the sales are still on. Their friends from down the street arrive home tonight too - no doubt they'll be knocking on the door early tomorrow morning. Looks like I'd better go to the supermarket at some point tomorrow and stock up on food for hungry kids - lol!

Speaking of hungry kids I'd better go and make a start on dinner. DH will be back from the gym soon to take the dog for her second walk of the day (I usually take her early in the morning and DH takes her in the evenings). The kids go along on their scooters which leaves me peace and quiet to start dinner preparations. It's a good system :)

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Amy said...

My 13-year old loves the Sims too! And my 9-year-old has started playing the Urbz, so I'm becoming quite fluent in SimSpeak! lol