Friday, August 18, 2006

Some replies to comments ...

Thank you for all your lovely comments on Girly Gothic - I appreciate them :) Oh, and yes, Leonie, I can hear you cheering me on - lol!

Now, for the person who asked what fabric count and threads I'm using, here goes :)

I'm using 25 count Lavender Bliss lugana and stitching one over one with DMC floss. I also have WIPs on 27 and 28 count evenweave. If you enjoy stitching one over one and want to try stitching a HAED then my best advice is for you to head on over to the HAED BB (you may have to register to EZBoard - it's free) and check out their Tips & Techniques section. There is a whole host of wonderful information and advice there. Check out the WIPs Gallery and the Chart Details sections too!

I wouldn't call HAED charts easy but then I wouldn't call them difficult either! They only use whole cross stitch, no partial stitches or back stitching but they do use lots of colours and can be quite detailed - long term projects :) I hope that helps some?

It is Day 5 of the HAED Stitch-A-Thon and I have made some good progress today so far. You may have noticed (Leonie did - lol!) that I am heading over to the right side of the page in order to get down to her face :) I've hit a patch of detail stitches in her hair but I'm almost through them and should be starting on the face very soon.

So, on that note, I'd better get back to it :)


Nicki said...

She looks great Mel! Looking forward to seeing a face :)

Leonie said...

We wanna see the face too, so go for it!! I even found a bit more time for O&P (can we al say-more blue!)