Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How to lead a glamorous life

by acquiring a copy of the latest The Sims 2 "stuff" pack, Glamour Life, that's how! Yes, the reason for my lack of posts lately is that I have been sucked into the Simverse glamming up the lives of my Sims :) Sleep is highly over-rated - lol!

So, because I have done little or no stitching for a couple of days, the second page of Girly Gothic is not yet completed (tsk, tsk!). I did spend some time with her yesterday and last night and very briefly this morning so it is getting closer. The rugrats finished at noon today (and again tomorrow) for "Hopes and Dreams" conferences with their teachers. I had both of mine this afternoon and the house is clean so I should get a couple of hours in tomorrow afternoon ... if I can stay away from the computer - lol!

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Leonie said...

Sounds like fun!! Looking forward to another pic of GG (hint, hint). I'm hoping this will let me comment this time........