Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I know I promised an update of Girly Gothic but ...

I've been slack and haven't taken one yet. Shall aim for tomorrow!

I woke up yesterday morning expecting to be sore after my foray into the gym thing Monday night but surprisingly I wasn't. So after dropping the kids at school I returned to the scene of the crime and put in another solid workout. My arms were a little sore this morning but I ventured back to the gym after school drop off and took a Body Pump class just to mix it up a little. Oh. My. God. My arms hurt even when I'm just resting them and my legs feel like they are going to collapse every time I walk (and I kept the weights really light!). I can't remember feeling like this when I did it four years ago but I'm sure I probably did :) No doubt my biceps/triceps in particular will stop protesting once they get comfortable with being used again - lol!

I haven't stitched so far today - did boring things like ironing and tidying up after getting back from the gym. I then went into DH's office after school pick up to get the end of month stuff done. I think there's some good telly on tonight - Spooks, Las Vegas, CSI and Veronica Mars (have recently discovered this show and actually don't mind it!) - so I should manage a few stitches tonight.

It's the last day of the working week for us tomorrow - roll on the weekend!

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