Monday, October 02, 2006

My arms feel like jello!!

The kids had their first karate lesson late this afternoon. I was planning on joining the kids but the instructor said I was too old for the class (Karate - Beginner, I would have been the only adult beginner!) so I had an hour to kill. Since I couldn't come back later for the adult karate class (DH has Arabic lessons) and DH was in the gym I decided to bite the bullet and join him hence the title of this post! It will be interesting to see if I can lift my arms at all tomorrow morning - lol! Still I need to do more than just walking and I've been putting off going to the gym long enough. Now that I know it's not as scary as I thought I hope to get myself into a routine of getting there at least three times a week. I used to go every day before I was married and had kids and then a little later when Caitlin started kinder so I know I can do it :)

Stitching wise my goal for September was to attempt to finish Girly Gothic. Well, that didn't quite happen which was no surprise really. I keep getting majorly distracted every time I sit down to stitch this last week or so which would explain lack of progress. I'm probably about halfway through Page 3 (out of 4) and if I can remember to take a photo tomorrow I will then try to remember to upload a current progress pic!

Friday morning I spent cleaning downstairs and making sure the guest room was ready as we had a house guest arriving that afternoon (therefore no stitching). Saturday morning saw us up bright and early for the live telecast of the Australian Rules Football Grand Final between the Sydney Swans and West Coast Eagles. We had about 20-25 people (mostly Aussies) turn up for breakfast (bacon and egg sandwiches) and then pies at 3/4 time :) I think the last guest left around 3pm. It was a long day but very enjoyable. I was barracking for the Swans (only because Ken was barracking for the Eagles [grin]) so I was a little disappointed that they lost by a point but it was an excellent game all the same. Again, no stitching - maybe a little Saturday evening while watching Bones but I think I spent more time with the needle poised in the air while my eyes were glued to the tv screen rather than actually making any stitches :)

Speaking of tv, I'd best go and get myself settled in front of it. It's CSI night tonight starting with CSI and then CSI: New York :) Night all!


Kim said...

Isn't it amazing how much you used to be able to get done before kids? I just started lifting weights again too; I've been running for a year now and figured I'd better start firming up too. Now if I could actually lose weight :)

Hopefully you're not too sore tomorrow.

Von said...

I'm trying to get to the gym again too. Mostly I'm spending time on the bike, but need to add some weights this week.