Wednesday, January 09, 2008

2008 Ornament Challenge

The Aussies Institches Yahoo Group (of which I'm a member) are holding a 2008 Christmas Ornament Challenge using the 2007 JCS Ornament magazine. Each month we vote for our favourite two ornaments from a set page in the magazine. We can then choose one from the top two to stitch the following month. So in December we voted for January's ornament and we are currently voting on February's ornament and so it goes. This way it gives us plenty of time to gather our supplies etc. I am going to be using it as an opportunity to use what I can from my ever expanding stash pile!!

Anyway, because of this blasted cough/cold I have kept myself at home the last couple of days and have spent my time stitching and gathering supplies online for upcoming projects (more about that in another post) as well as throwing in the odd load or two of washing!

We can stitch the ornament at any time during that month but I decided to get in early as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th weekends are alloted to other SALs (mostly with the HAED BB!).

I sat down yesterday and started on my choice for January and this morning finished it off ...

Fill With Love by Designs by Cathy Jean
2007 JCS Christmas Ornament Magazine

Stitched on Natural 28 count Cashel linen
with The Gentle Art Sampler and Simply Shaker threads

Started: 8 January 2008
Finished: 9 January 2008

This chart was a relatively quick stitch although the backstitching for the branches/pine needles and wording I am positive took longer than the stitching up of the stocking!! I didn't have all of the Sampler/Simply Shaker Threads called for in the chart so I substituted the ones I didn't have with similar colours. I think it turned out reasonably close :)

I must say that after stitching over one for so long it felt rather alien to be stitching over 2 again, especially on 28 count. The stitches looked enormous!

I hope to have an ornamentifying day towards the end of the month to completely finish it off. It is finished off as a pillow ornament in the magazine but I am not sure if I will do the same or use some other method. I will need to go in search of backing fabrics and stuff though as I don't have any of that sort of thing here. That will take up pretty much most of a morning - no quick dash to Hobby Lobby or similar store for me here! Hopefully, I will feel like it one day next week - might ring around and see if a friend or two are interested in coming along :)

Okay, well it is the Quick Stitch Wednesday SAL on the HAED BB today and I want to put a bit of time in on Plum Gothic before bed so I will end this for now (and so I can blog about her tomorrow!).

Happy Stitching!


Anonymous said...

I have been busy trying to catch up on all your I am bushed (grin)
Sounds like you had great fun on your trip and now you are back full tilt into that cute litte sock and I will be curious to see the end result.
Welcome back Mel!

Sharon said...

Very cute ornament! I will have to consider this one. The more I see it stitched up-the more I like it.

Karen's Blog said...

I love your ornament Mel. What a great idea for getting ornaments stitched:)