Tuesday, January 15, 2008

HAED BB 2008 Challenge SAL - January Edition

Dream of Purple (Kuik)Before Dream of Purple (HAED & Kuik)After

Dream of Purple
Original Artwork: Ching Chou Kuik
Charted by: Michele Sayetta of Heaven & Earth Designs (c) 2007

Stitched 1 x 1 full cross on 25 ct pale aqua lugana using DMC threads

I finally started stitching on her Sunday evening for a few hours and then managed to get a few more hours in on Monday. I filled in a lot of the empty spots so I was pleased with my progress.

We have had quite a lot of rain today and this city is just not built for it (or US President's visits for that matter!) so after having my plans shelved because of the inclement weather (DD's class was meant to go on a field trip today and I had volunteered to help out) I dropped the kids at school, came home and settled down to stitch for the day :) I'm continuing to work on Dream of Purple until tomorrow when I switch her out for QS Plum Gothic. Several schools are closing tomorrow (including the one mine go to) because of the heavy rain. It has caused quite a bit of flooding and electric problems.

As I said before, this city isn't built for rain :)

I leave you with some shots (not taken by me) of our main freeway yesterday closed for the Bush visit.


Mary said...

These colors are my favorites! Anxious to see what the design is going to be!

Judy said...

I love your colours. I'm using the same ones in a SharonB's Take it Further Challenge. Could you tell me what the HAED BB2008 Challenge SAL is?
Thanks for visiting my blog. How long was your visit to Dragonfly Dreams? I was there for 2hours last week!

anne said...

Wow the city looks deserted, lol, kinda like a movie set without the actors. I wonder if the Chasers are gonna pull a stunt like in Sydney, lol. Happy Stitching

Barbara said...

A freeway without cars is just eerie looking!

Your HAED progress is inspiring!

Laura (nutmeg5) said...

Dream of Purple is looking pretty! And your city looks very eerie. Its hard for me to imagine a city "not built for rain."