Thursday, January 17, 2008

Here yesterday, gone today ...

The rain that is :)

This is what our backyard looked like yesterday after 2-3 days of constant rain:

(Please disregard the sorry excuse of a trampoline - the mat disintegrated from the heat and sourcing a new one is proving difficult.)

This is what it looks like today:

Laura commented that she couldn't imagine a city "not built for rain". Strange, I know, but because they get so very little rain here it just never enters into the equation during the construction stage (no gutters, storm drains, etc). However, when it does rain it causes complete and utter chaos! Flooding, electrical problems, traffic mayhem, etc. All schools were ordered to close yesterday and today by the Ministry of Education because of it. Our school has been affected by flooding and I believe electrical problems.

Just a quick post tonight as I'm keen to stitch a little more on Dream before I head to bed. We have a busy day tomorrow so I don't want to stay up too late but I want to finish the section I'm stitching first!

I should have some WIP update pics for you tomorrow. It is the start of the HAEDless Sampler SAL on the HAED BB and I am working on St Georges this month. There will be a finish in the very near future!

Also thank you for your comments and welcome to new readers - there are a few that I want to reply to and I hope to do that soon!


Barbara said...

I've lived in places not built for snow (because it rarely happens) so I can imagine a city not built for rain. Glad your lawn dried out, though!

anne said...

Yep raining here in Sydeny today tooo, but not as bad in this part as yours. I have seen it flood like that here though. Good luck with the HEAD stitching, look forward to piccies. Have a good weekend.

Doris said...

oh!There is a big difference between one day and another!. I live in a place where rain, snow in winter are the norm, and very hot in summer, I was difficult to me adapt to this climate (madrid), I lived in a city with very homogeneous climate (viña del mar, Chile), did not know the snow, but now sometimes I am trapped in it!
I am glad that the flooding has completed well in your garden.

Kathryn said...

The average annual rainfall here in Las Vegas is 4 inches per year, so most of the houses have no gutters, but since a lot of those four inches can fall in an hour or two, the city is covered by drainage canals. When we get a summer downpour they can fill up quickly. We have even had snow here -- for an hour or two. It actually is a lot colder here in the winter than where we moved from (San Francisco). I thought I would never wear another sweater when I moved here, but there are at least a couple of weeks with below freezing nighttime temperatures (it's the HIGH desert). I have a friend who worked in Oman and loved it. I hope you are enjoying Dubai.