Friday, February 10, 2006

Finally!! Part 2 of Medieval Town Mandala is done!

Just completed the last Jessica stitch about half an hour ago. Took this pic and then made a start on Part 3 :) I have a lot of catching up to do on this project, especially since there is quite a bit of work in Part 5. Even though it's a beautiful piece, I lost interest part way though Part 2 so put it down. I think that was about the time I discovered Heaven & Earth Designs - lol! Anyway Carol's recent progress pics gave me much needed inspiration and the kick up the butt I needed to get on with mine :)

We drove down to Abu Dhabi on Wednesday afternoon just to give mum and dad a quick tour of the capital city of the UAE. For a capital city it is much quieter than Dubai - it made a nice change of pace :)

We checked mum and dad in the Emirates Palace Hotel for the night while the four of us stayed at the Crowne Plaza :) A night at the Emirates Palace isn't quite within our budget just yet (even if Ken did manage to get mum and dad a great deal on their room)!! We did manage a meal there though which was very nice - wore the kids out though :)

Thursday morning we were up early (after getting woken with prayer call from the nearby mosque at 5am) and checked out of the Crowne Plaza to head back to the Emirates Palace to meet up with mum and dad for breakfast, and also so the children could have a swim.
The Crowne Plaza pool was closed for a private function Wednesday afternoon so we promised the kids a couple of hours in the water park at the Palace instead. The kids had a great time - it is really set up well for families with children. They have a more relaxing adult type pool at the other end of the hotel so they cater for everyone :)

After checking mum and dad out we did a brief driving tour around Abu Dhabi and then headed back to Dubai. The weather is starting to warm up so Ken and Caitlin headed for the pool at the golf club to cool off while the rest of us unpacked and I made a start on dinner (green chicken curry with rice - yum!).

Tomorrow things will be back to normal as mum and dad left tonight to head back home. It's been nice having them here and I think they've enjoyed themselves. They are talking about coming back so they must have - lol! I will miss them but I am also looking forward to getting back into our normal day to day routines :) Our next lot of visitors (Ken's mum and dad) are due in April but they have been here before so I won't need to play the tour guide quite so much :)

I am going to print off Part 5 of MTM which I downloaded earlier this month while the printer is free :) I'll then put a few more stitches into Part 3 and then hopefully Ken will be back home from dropping mum and dad at the airport. By that stage it will be well and truly bedtime!!

Hopefully my next post will be about having completed Part 3 !

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