Thursday, February 23, 2006

Its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring ... !!

And everything is flooded!! This is a pic of our backyard taken from the back door. Poor Tikki was soaked so I dried her off and bought her inside. She is now curled up asleep under my desk. Unfortunately there are no verandahs or building overhangs where she could have gone to get some protection from the wet. I don't know how long it has been raining for - probably most of the night. Even though our bedrooms are on the second floor you don't hear the rain hitting the roof so I was not even aware it was raining until Caitlin came in to wake me this morning.

Rain is not something that occurs a lot here and so none of the buildings or roads are built to deal with it - no gutters, drains etc. Seals around windows and doors dry out in the summer heat and crack so that when it does rain all these leaks pop up :) We have water dripping down from the ceiling in our master bathroom and a couple of leaks from one or two window frames. It tends to cause people to run around in a bit of panic as well - a bit like Chicken Little - the sky is falling, the sky is falling - lol!

Then there are those who are having a great time with all the water!! This is the boy from down the street with his friend playing football (or soccer as we would call it back in Oz!) on the road ... okay, well the mini river that is our street at the moment! Obviously all weekend school sports have been cancelled today!

Caitlin had a play date organised for this morning but when I came downstairs and saw the weather (it was still raining pretty heavily and foggy) I told her I wasn't driving anywhere so she may have to ring and cancel. Ken had to go into the office this morning (he only gets Fridays off) so he said he would take her and pick her up on the way back (he couldn't bear to see the disappointed look on her face!!). I made him take my car as its a 4WD and higher up off the road. Some of the water on the roads is about four feet deep in places and there are idiots in sedans in our street driving up on the footpaths to avoid the mini creek that was the road, so you can imagine what they'd be like out on the main roads!!! Liam slept over at a friend's house last night - he rang me to say the roads were flooded there too and could I pick him up later. I'd already organised with his friend's mum that she would drop him off later - lol! I think he just wanted to make sure that we were all okay :)

Stitching wise ... well, I didn't get as much done on MTM as I planned - I wasn't at home as much as I thought I would be the past couple of days. I did manage to get all the flowers and grasses backstitched though :) I probably would have continued on with MTM last night but instead I succumbed to the temptation of Fire. Wednesday nights are QS SAL nights on the HAED BB (you need to be a registered member to view this forum) and after reading that Fudgey had started her Fire ACEO I decided to join in. I didn't get much done really (I was really tired so I kept nodding off!) so it is not worth taking an updated pic of my progress. Since it is just me and the dog home this morning and the weather is so crappy, I think I will spend a couple of hours more on Fire and then get back to MTM tomorrow.

My new seatstand is going okay but I don't think it is really suited for large projects like MTM and Egyptian Garden. I think I will have to invest in a floor frame for those and figure out where I can keep it where it is not in the way if I do. Still, it is great for my smaller scroll frame and Q-snaps :)

Well, I'm off to make myself a cuppa and settle into some stitching. I'll leave you with a few more images of the rain :)

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Carol said...

Hi Mel, the rain must feel so refreshing to you!! :-)