Saturday, February 11, 2006

Introducing the latest family member!

Her name is Tikki and she arrived this morning :) She is a desert dog and is about four years old. We have adopted her as the family she belonged to are moving to Canada in June.

The kids have wanted a dog for ages and Ken and I had been discussing about getting one so when I heard that Sheri was looking for someone to adopt Tikki, I put my hand up.

It will be a surprise for the kids when they get home from school this afternoon as they didn't know she was coming today - they'll be over the moon! I'm sure Tikki will take a few days to settle into her new surroundings - I thought she had found the perfect spot but I've just checked on her and she has moved again :) We have a covered area for her with a new bed etc ... what we've dubbed the Tikki Mahal ... but she's not really interested in that just yet. Too busy exploring the rest of the yard. She has worked out that's where her water bowl is though. She just needs time and lots of loving and she'll soon realise this is her new home now :)

We need to dig a patch out in the corner of the garden and put some sand there for her. She likes to dig herself into the sand and sleep during the day ... well, that makes sense really given that she's a desert dog - lol! That will be this weekend's job I think :)

I'm off to settle myself where I can keep an eye on her and stitch some on Medieval Town Mandala. Oh, and to keep an eye out for the gardener as well - he doesn't know we have her either yet!!


Nicole and Phil said...

Love your new dog! our boys will be really envious! They are busting for a dog too!!
Looks like you had a great time with your parents. I am glad they have come to see your new place!
Stitching is coming along nicely too!

Anne said...

Love your new dog. Your stitching is beaut, now for the four corners.
Happy Stitching

Carol said...

Aw, congratulations on your new dog!! She will settle in soon with all the love you and your family will give her :-)

Heather said...

What a beautiful dog. Your MTM is looking good. Yes those HAED's are addictive aren't they LOL.
Enjoy your weekend and have fun stitching.