Sunday, February 19, 2006

They arrived!

My scroll frame and seat stand arrived this afternoon - woo hoo!! I assembled the stand before dinner tonight and am planning on testing it out in a litte while. I need to get MTM basted onto the scroll frame first. Not sure how the seat stand will go with the large scroll frame as the stand is smaller than I anticipated. Still, we'll give it a go and I'm sure it will be fine :)

I didn't end up backstitching any more of the flower stems and grasses last night but I started adding colour to the corner triangles instead!! I probably would have finished them this morning but I was asked out for lunch so no daytime stitching today :) I should get them done tonight though. Hopefully I will get the flower stems etc done tonight as well and then tomorrow I can attack the butterflies! Carol suggested that I do one colour at a time starting with the dark brown bodies as she did with hers, so I shall try that tomorrow. Thanks, Carol - wonderful tip :)

I will post a pic tomorrow night which will hopefully be a Part 3 happy dance if I get what I want to achieved tomorrow!

I'm off to rummage through our DVD collection and see what I can put on to "listen to" while I stitch :)


Ali B said...

Hi Mel, I love your blog! I connected via Von's Stitching Blog and am so impressed with all the interesting photos and info about your life out in Dubai - and of course really love your stitching project you are working on! The Birthday Game is really cool - I have added the results onto my site. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine - in UK today it was blowing a gale, freeeeezing cold and v.v. grey :-(

Leonie said...

Glad you got your frame & stand........keep going with the butterflies-you will get there!