Thursday, June 08, 2006

I've been tagged!

Came across this on Barbara's blog and considered myself tagged :) I've never done one of these before but this looked like it could be interesting :)

5 items in my fridge:

Arnott's Mint Slices (a slice of home - I prefer Tim Tams but DH and the kids love these)
Kiwi fruit
Low fat milk
Beer (Amstel Light)

5 items in my closet:

Several pairs of 3/4 pants (I live in these teamed with a shirt or t-shirt!)
Two or three nice skirts that I hardly ever wear
Strappy high-heeled sandals (worn very rarely)
My aircraft cabin bag
Part of my stash collection because I didn't have any room left in my purpose bought cupboard downstairs!

5 items in my handbag/purse/tote:

Mobile phone
Notebook and pen
Pashmina (the a/c in the shopping centres, restaurants etc is freezing this time of year!)
Liam's sunglasses
An origami crane made by Liam at school yesterday :)

5 items in my car:

CDs (which are pretty useless right now as the CD player in my car doesn't work!)
Mobile phone charger
Fire extinguisher
Dubai street directory (which rates up there with the CD player!)

5 people to tag:

I'm going along with Barbara's idea ... if you've read this then consider yourself tagged :)

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