Thursday, June 01, 2006

I've been quiet!

Some friends would say that is most unlike me - lol!

Liam wasn't feeling so good (sore throat, blocked up nose) on Sunday when he woke so after dropping Caitlin at school I took him over to see the doctor. Diagnosis ... follicular tonsilitis. He's now on a course of antibiotics to clear the infection, decongestant tablets to help with the nose plus nose drops and Betadine gargle for the throat. It's been a very expensive few days as Ken had x-rays and a MRI on his neck to find the source of his constant neck pain. It turns out he has degenerative changes in two of his discs. We are still waiting on the results from the MRI. Caitlin had a visit with an orthodontist yesterday and it appears she needs a "tongue fence". I may get a second opinion on this though as I am not sure it is completely necessary.

Anyway, I have done very little stitching nor have I been online much - been playing a lot of Sims 2 though!! I don't foresee a lot of stitching getting done over the weekend either but we you never know! If I don't plan on getting any done then I may just be pleasantly surprised. Of course I've now gone and jinxed it - lol!!

Better get some sleep - I need to be up reasonably early to take Liam back to the doctor for a follow-up appointment.


Leonie said...

Goodness-lucky you are the healthy, fit one to look after the rest of them. Hope Liam gets better soon and that Caitlin doesn't need the "fence" after all. Hope you get good news from Ken's tests... and maybe a little stitching time after all!! ;)

Von said...

Hi Mel! I've never heard of follicular tonsillitis - learn something new every day, lol! Ken's neck problems won't be going away as easily, unfortunately. Hope you're able to find a really good remedy soon. Prayers that these discs are the only ones that degenerate.
Remember to take care of yourself too in the midst of all this! Hugs!

Tannia said...

Oh Mel I hope your family returns to good health soon :)

Take care of yourself - you're no good to anyone if you get sick too!