Sunday, May 28, 2006

Yep, I've done it again :)

I've gone and changed the look of my blog once again. I'd really like a desert type theme (with camels!) but until I can get that organised this one will do nicely, I think :)

I haven't done a lot of stitching over the last few days as we've been quite busy. Liam had a friend sleep over on Wednesday night. Thursday night he slept over at another friend's so after we dropped him off Ken, Caitlin and I took the opportunity to head down to the Mall of the Emirates to do a spot of retail therapy. Ken needed some new work shoes and Caitlin had a couple of weeks pocket money burning a hole in her pocket so a visit to the toy store was in order :) I was half-heartedly searching for a new top to wear to a corporate function we had coming up (have I mentioned how I hate clothes shopping?!!) but gave up after I received a phone call from the book store to say that the book I'd requested had come in. I had been in the day before looking for Book 3 in Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series - they had a couple of copies of every book in the series except this one! Anyway, when I enquired about it they kindly rang their other store to see if they had it which they did, and got it sent over. By this stage we'd had enough shopping anyway so on the way back to the car we dropped into the book store, collected my book and headed home.

Friday morning was spent spring cleaning the house, then later that afternoon we took some friends down to the nearby Golf Club for a meal. It won't be much longer and we won't be able to bear to sit outside at all in the evenings - bleh!

Yesterday after dropping the kids at school I came home, took the dog for a walk, hung out some washing and then headed down to the other nearby mall, Ibn Battuta, in search for a new top. The corporate function was last night so nothing like leaving it to the last minute - lol! I did have a back-up outfit in case I didn't find something. As luck would have it I found two very nice tops quite quickly and not being able to decide which one I liked best I bought them both!! I also dropped in to the storage shop and picked up another plastic storage container for Caitlin's ever increasing collection of Bratz dolls and their assorted bits and pieces!! It was then back home to pick up the kids from school, wait for Caitlin while she had her piano lesson, go home, get homework, feed the kids an early dinner, and then get ready for the evening's function! In the midst of all this I received a phone call from Ken who could barely talk as he'd lost his voice! It appears that he has finally succumbed to this cold that seems to be doing the rounds!

The function was at a nearby hotel and the kids were coming with us and bunking down with some friends' older children in their room as they were staying there. They'd come over from Abu Dhabi for the weekend and in order to attend this company function. Sadly our regular babysitter and back-up babysitter (they are sisters) have both gone home to Sri Lanka as their father passed away a week ago :(

The function wasn't a late one and we were home by 10pm but of course both kids were very tired. Liam was still asleep when I got up this morning (he is usually the first up!) so I made an executive decision to keep everyone home from school/work today. We've had a nice quiet day and everyone except me of course has gone to bed early. Hopefully tomorrow they will be back to their bright-eyed and bushy tailed selves again :)

Speaking of being bright-eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow I'd better head off to bed myself!

Until next time!


Leonie said...

Nice look with the blog! Sounds like you have all been very busy-good idea for the day off. Hope everyone is back to normal soon ;)

Anne said...

Like your new look. I head off back to Adelaide on Friday will give Brighton a wave as I pass. Will be home for a while. Happy Stitching

Von said...

Lots of busyness for you Mel! Glad you got in some good shopping. :D Hope dh is feeling better real soon.

Jenny said...

The new look is great. :)