Sunday, May 07, 2006

More AOH Progress ...

Sick of it yet - lol? Surprisingly, I'm not :) Which is good because I have a long way to go to catch up to Carol! Anyway, I put the last stitches in the first dividing band last night and am now about to start on the first line of the verse. It's just back stitch so hopefully it will go quick and I can then make a good start on Area 2.

It would be nice to think that I'll be able to finish it tonight but Liam has a birthday party this afternoon after school and Ken and I have been invited back by the boy's parents for a drink afterwards :) It shouldn't be a late night as it's a school/work night so I may get a few stitches in afterwards ... we shall see! The kids are going go-karting at the Dubai Autodrome so that should be fun :)

Speaking of birthdays ... many happy returns for your birthday yesterday, Karen!! No doubt you have been busy with your move to the new shop but I hope you had a nice day anyway :)

Some of you may have noticed that the title of my blog is different - just wanted a change :)

It is really starting to heat up here so I guess summer is just around the corner. When Tikki (our dog) starts to feel it you know it's getting hotter :) We got back from our usual morning walk about 45mins ago and she is now crashed out on the cool tiles in the entrance hall - lol. It will be too hot to walk her in the mornings soon. We usually go about 8am after I've dropped the kids at school but I may have to start getting up at 6am instead of 6.30am and taking her then. Mmmm, I struggle getting up at 6.30am so not sure about that - lol! I'm not a good morning person :)

Heather and Kim, thanks for stopping by my blog, and yes, Kim, we do have several things in common :)

I'm off to start on that verse - have a great day!


Heather said...

When I was flying, I used to be able to jump straight out of bed at 3am or whatever time, as soon as the alarm went off.

Now I struggle to get up an hour after the alarm goes off!!! I'm no longer a morning person, not since having Marion.

Kiwi Jo said...

I'm really enjoying your progress on AOH!

liz said...

Hi Mel, I followed your link from Heather's blog. I love your AOH.You are making real fast progress.
Really enjoyed reading your blog. Will visit again. Liz

Von said...

You are making great progress on AOH, Mel, and it looks beautiful. Queen stitches can be difficult, but I love them anyway. :D
Since my kids don't get me up so early anymore, I'm finding it really difficult to get up much earlier than 7:15 in the morning. Guess that will have to change once my ds starts public high school this fall - ugh!

Nicole and Phil said...

sick of it yet???absloutely not! It is looking great Mel!