Sunday, May 14, 2006

Another new start and Happy Mother's Day!!

Yep, I've started another one :) I put the first stitches into my first Long Dog design yesterday. I'm loving it and I think it will stitch up fast!

Long Dog Samplers "St Georges" - Stitched on ivory 40 count linen over two with one strand of Gloriana "Red Clay" silk.

I will just finish off the motif I'm working on now and then I am off to celebrate Mother's Day with another start, Southern Jewels by Sweetblossoms Designs :)

Mums or not, I hope you all had a wonderful day!


Von said...

Wow, Mel! More starts - you're certainly having a good Mother's Day with several new projects. Good for you. :D

Karen's Blog said...

All your stitching is looking great Mel.

An Open Heart is gorgeous and I am looking forward to seeing what colours you use for Southern Jewel:)

Ali B said...

Hi Mel

Lovely to hear from you again! I just love the words and the design of your 'Open Heart' band sampler - those colours are just delightful. Hope you have a Happy Day! Hugs Alison xx p.s. your SAPAW group sounds like fun - but I think it would be dangerous for me as I am in danger of having too many projects on the go at the moment although I have not yet had a UFO - they all end up complete but it takes me ages :-D LOL

Leonie said...

You are embracing this new start phase with a vengeance! LOL Although I do notice that they are of a manageable size..........lesson for me there somewhere! Hope you had a great Mothers Day too