Monday, May 15, 2006

Southern Jewel

Told ya I'd be back - lol!

Anyway, here is my progress on Southern Jewel. I'm using Caron Waterlilies "Royal Jewels" for the centre and The Dye Is Cast "Charteuse" for the four corners on 28 count antique white Annabelle. At this stage I'm not sure about the Charteuse? I think I need to finish that corner motif off and then work some more of the centre to get a better picture. What do you think ... honestly?

Someone asked in the comments section the other day about how much I pay for a skein of DMC stranded cotton. Well, I pay 2 Dirhams a skein which in Aussie currency is about $0.75, depending upon the exchange rate. About $0.25 (at least) cheaper than what I would be paying at home. There are places that sell it for around 1.50 Dirhams here but they don't have the newer colours, which I seem to use more of :)

Thank you again to those of you who stop by my blog and say hello. I've found some tennis to watch on the telly so I'm off to make myself a cuppa, indulge in some of my favourite television sport and finish that corner motif :)


Leonie said...

Looking good! I think that it will depend on how much of the gold colours are in the Royal Jewels as to whether the Chartruese will look OK or probably will have to some more before you can tell.....unless you have a gut feeling already? Enjoy the tennis! ;)

Jenny said...

Royal Jewels is looking great! I'll have to see if I can hunt down a full pic of that pattern stitched up. :)

Jenny said...

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Mel! It certainly is a beautiful pattern, and I know yours will look lovely! :)

Von said...

Hi Mel,
I think I'd finish more of the motif before deciding the colors don't work, which you've probably already done. :D I'm excited to see more!