Sunday, June 25, 2006

Not long now ...

and we'll be on the plane to London!  The one thing I dislike about travelling though is the packing!  Ugh!  No matter how many times I've flown I still struggle with getting the right mix in the suitcase.  I hope I've got it right this time?!  I think I've packed and unpacked at least three times before finally zipping up the cases - lol.  Anyway, I think I'm done and if I've forgotten anything well we'll just have to buy it along the way!
I've decided to leave Verdure behind and just take Snowflake and St Georges.  I really don't know how much time I will get to stitch so it's better not to weigh myself down with too many projects.  Besides if I get bored with either of them I am sure I will find something along the way .... :)
Okay, time for me to turn off this machine and pack it away.  I have to be up at 5-5.30am tomorrow so it's also about time I hit the hay ... zzzzzzzzzzzzz


Heather said...

Have a safe and pleasant trip, take lots of photos and send me a postcard along the way!!!!;)

I'm sure the 2 projects you've chosen will be plenty, but like you said, you're likely to find something whilst on your travels.

Have fun.

Leonie said...

Have a great trip-hope all the travelling part goes quickly & smoothly!!

Von said...

I am so familiar with packing angst, altho we've never had a family vacation trip like the one you're about to embark on! But I have learned that there are actually stores in almost any area I travel that will have those items I may have left behind, lol! Isn't that amazing?!

Even better, I've learned the same thing when we pack up our travel trailer for a camping trip. No matter how well I plan, I always leave something out! :D

Have a safe and wonderful vacation!

Kim said...

Have a safe trip and have fun!!

cathymk said...

Safe Journey, Mel. And, have a great time!