Friday, November 03, 2006

Fish Lasagne

Anne L asked for the recipe for my tuna mornay which Liam calls fish lasagne. I am not sure why he calls it that as there is no pasta or tomatoes involved :)

Anyway, here's the recipe ...

Tuna Mornay Casserole (or "Fish Lasagne")

The link will take you to the recipe I base my dish on. It only serves two so I usually double the quantities and add the following ingredients:

1 small tin of corn niblets
1 small tin of Cream of Broccoli soup
a pinch of Italian Herbs
a pinch of cayenne pepper or a pinch of curry powder (add more if you like a bit more of a kick!)
a little ground black pepper and sea salt if desired

After Step 9 I add the corn and soup, mix well and then continue on with the rest of the recipe to Step 12 where I add the extra herbs above as suggested. Continue on from Step 13. I usually cook mine in the oven for about 15-20 minutes. Be careful when eating as it will be piping hot!!

There you have it - enjoy!

Today was a quieter day. Stitched a little on and off then Caitlin and I made brownies after lunch which she and Liam then decorated.

We've had two power outages this evening, the first one just as I was about to start cooking dinner. The power came back on just long enough for me to actually start the cooking process when it went out again! I'd just re-lit all the candles when the blasted thing came back on again - lol! Talk about Murphy's Law!!

Thank you, Lisa, Carol and Leonie, for your comments of concern for Caitlin. She is just fine today - her only complaint being the "disgusting" antibiotics she has to take :) She has her friend sleeping over and Liam has gone down the road to sleep at his friend's house so all is well.

Tikki however hasn't moved out from under my desk all evening. I don't think she liked the power going off and the kids running around with torches, nor the fireworks that were going off a little distance away during the first black-out! Not even a treat of some egg and milk has lured her out - lol! She'll come out when I go to stitch though - she's my little shadow :)

I'm off to grab a cuppa and then go stitch in front of the telly :)


J Rae said...

Recipe sounds yummy. Thanks for sharing it and giving your added ingredients as well. Your girly goth is really coming along great! :-)

Anne L said...

Thanks for the super recipe, have added it to my own made up cookbook. Cannot wait to try it. Have a great week.