Thursday, November 23, 2006

What's been keeping me quiet :)

Oh my goodness I didn't realise how long it had been since I last posted! Thanks for thinking of me Anne L - I'm okay, just the usual running around with the kids, plus I have just been offline for a few days (internet has been acting up again too!).

Below is one of the things that has kept me from blogging ... :)

Plum Gothic QS
by Heaven & Earth Designs (c) 2006
Original Artwork (c) Caron Vinson 2006

Started 9 November 2006
Stitched on 27 count white Linda evenweave
with DMC threads (no sparkles in this one)

Recently however I've been sucked in to the Sims2verse again - I'm trying to get some of my older generations to pass on so the younger ones can rule the world for a bit - lol! I need to get out more!!

Actually I did get out this morning - Caitlin's year level (four classes in total) went on a field trip to SkiDubai for a skiing or snowboarding lesson each (her brother is furious - lol) and I went along as a parent helper. They could have done with a few more parent helpers (particularly when getting 80 odd 8-9 year olds kitted up) and I'm surprised they didn't get them, but we managed and the kids had fun. I could have skied if I wanted to but I decided to just help out the instructor of DD's group, picking up those that fell over etc. The Year 4s are learning about different sports for their Point of Inquiry this term, hence the field trip. We are off to the Dubai Rugby Sevens next week, and I am going along to that one too! Since I am not helping out as much with school stuff as I did last year I nominate myself to help out on as many of the field trips as I can :)

A week or two ago I went with Liam's year level (Yr 6) to the Jumeriah Mosque. It was quite interesting and I wished I had taken my camera. Out of respect I didn't bother as I didn't think we would be allowed to but it would have been okay. You have to cover up (long loose clothing, scarf over hair for women), no shoes inside the mosque etc but I expected to have to do that anyway. I will have to go back one day and make sure I take my camera with me :)

Right, time to put my chauffeur's hat on and head out to pick up No. 2 child from her tennis lesson now!

Till next time!


Alison said...

I know exactly what you mean about the Sims, Mel. DD & I are quite addicted. I even bought a book of baby names for her so I wouldn't have to keep coming up with new names for her. LOL. We also love downloading custom *that's* addictive!

Anne L said...

Glad to hear all is well. Love your x stitch. A great effort. I see you have a few HAED WIPs happening in your side bar, mmmmmmm I think you are addicted.Lucky you going on the field trips, the mosque looks awesome. We are heading back to Sydney mid December for good. Looking forward to getting back my life, being able to drive and work. Happy Stitching Anne L

Michelle said...

Plum Gothic looks fantastic. Love those colors!