Saturday, November 11, 2006

Sleeping Dingo :)

I was browsing Vicky's blog the other day and came across her post about her recent visit to Dreamworld, a theme park on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Check out her photo of sleeping dingoes (third photo) and then compare it to the photo of our muttley, Tikki, that DH managed to capture the other night (she's very camera shy). How freaky is that?!


Vicky said...

Mel you are so right! Tikki look s just like a little dingo.
Sooo cute :)

Anne L said...

Yep looks like a dingo to me, so cute all curled up and sleeping. Love girly gothic. New blog looks great toooo. Happy Stitching

Nicole and Phil said...

wow....amazing! Tikki does look like a dingo!
thanks for the Clarice tip! I have acknowledged you in our post! :)

Heather said...

Maybe Tikki is a dingo in disguise LOL