Friday, November 10, 2006

I've been playing again :)

See, I told you I wasn't happy with the look of my blog :) I went back to what I had before and then played around with the colours and added a couple more things to my side bar.

Annette, thanks for your tip :). I used to use Panna whatsmacallit templates before I switched to Blogger Beta but for some reason I get error messages whenever I try to use them now. Not knowing enough about HTML I can't work out where the errors are. I think its a beta thing and if I revert back to my classic template then I could use them but then I can't use the page layout elements that come with beta ... and I really like that feature :) Anyway, I think I might head to Borders next week (now that we have one here - yay!) and see if I can find myself a basic teach yourself HTML book and have a play. I may then steal borrow DH's PowerMac and have a fiddle with PhotoShop and see what I can come up with :).

I actually went to bed early AND before DH last night (which just doesn't happen usually). I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow and I slept for 10 hours straight!! Very definitely not me at all - I am lucky if I average five hours a night, six is a bonus, and usually I wake at least once or twice during that time. Still, I've had a headache free day today so I guess the sleep was what I needed.

In between headaches I did manage a few stitches in Snowflake QS and even managed some frogging!! I'd used the wrong colour in a dozen or so stitches the last time I worked on her it seems, so they had to come out. They are restitched with the correct colour now so all is well :)

HAED are having a Veteran's Day Sale and they have also released three new Selina Fenech charts - Keeper of Secrets, Guardian and Small Things (Coloured). Arghhh! I'm quite partial to Keeper of Secrets but I ordered a couple of charts earlier this week (Plum Gothic QS and Midnight Orchard QS) so I think I will be good and just put her on my wish list for now. There will be other sales :)


stitchinfiend said...

Mel I switched to Blogger Beta and have had no trouble with the Panna templates. Mel can you email me about a HTML.

Hope you headache is gone.

Leonie said...

Glad you are feeling better. Looking forward to seeing more of Snowflake too.

Holley said...

For basic HTML, I highly recommend htmlgoodies. He has a book and an excellent website. I always use it when I'm tinkering with my website and I used to fix DH's blogs all the time. HTML is incredibly easy to learn.

Java and so on are a little more complicated, but you get to do really cool things with them.

Good luck.