Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Almost forgot :)

I heard back from Sew & So yesterday about my mislabeled and presumed lost items. They really are wonderful people to deal with and are re-sending them. It appears there was a little gremlin at work who manually changed the address label. Of course, the "lost" packages will probably turn up now!! In which case, I will send the duplicates back :)

I have also fallen in love with this - Hanky Pysanky by Ink Circles - in the rainbow colourway. Nicole's WIP is what drew me to it (scroll down to the bottom of her post) :)

I need to stop looking at stash, get off this computer and go stitch!!

Oh, and I've been tagged by Nicole (different to the one above :)). I will respond to that in the next day or two.

Okay, stitching awaits!


Doris said...

the hanky pysanky look great and beautifulbut i am sitll reluctan to stitch in dark fabric, but is true that look more beautiful the colors ins this fabric. THe thread in color rainbow look better with more light than the others.


Nicole and Phil said...

as always...gorgeous stitching! Great to see some new stash, and also some old stash too.....I am still too busy knitting and quilting at the moment...but will get back to stitching soon...I have a couple of deadlines for quilts taht are keeping me busy!